patient texting.
Just $99/month.

Improve patient satisfaction with automated reminders and instructions that are patient specific. After all, informed patients are happy patients. Send up to 3 pre-scheduled messages per patient.

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Improve patient satisfaction

We believe informed patients are happier patients. Today, so many of us don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers, but we do check out text messages. A simple text message with an appointment reminder, fasting reminder, or pre-op instruction can make a huge difference.

Reduce cancellation & delays

It’s astonishing how often cases get cancelled or delayed because a patient breaks the fasting protocols, no-shows, shows up late, or does not follow their pre-op instructions. Automated patient text messages are a powerful tool in reducing these preventable and costly mistakes.

Simple setup. Fully automated.

Casetabs patient texting is simple, yet powerful. To setup, we help you create your messages, define when they are sent, and to which patients. That’s it! Your patients are now more informed, happy, and prepared for their surgery.

Over 2,000,000 surgeries supported by Casetabs.

We love surgery centers and want to share Casetabs with you. Try our patient texting and see the difference it makes.

  • EMR integrated

    Integrates with every major EMR/PM system.

  • HIPAA compliant

    Secure and vetted by major health systems.

  • Over 27,000,000+ messages sent

    Used by leading surgery centers.

  • Prescheduled & automated messages

    Create messages, schedule them, and you're done.

  • Opt-in options

    Option to require patients to opt-in to messages.

  • Incredible value

    $99/month all-inclusive.

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